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    Rome was called the “Eternal City” by the ancient Romans because they believed that no matter what happened in the rest of the world, the city of Rome would always remain standing. Exploring the city centre by foot surrounded by glorious monuments and colossal remains takes you back in time to the “glory that was Rome”.

    Why visit Rome? ?

    With its unparalleled history, Rome is the third most visited city in Europe and the fourteenth worldwide. It attracts visitors from all over the world who are impatient to discover the city’s impressive monuments and archaeological sites; not to mention?its renowned cuisine and?its lively atmosphere.

    When exploring the Colosseum, visitors will easily imagine how the gladiators fought for their life in the arena, cheered by the crowd. In the Circus Maximus, travelers will picture the chariots crashing into each other in order to be first in the race, and in the Roman Forum visualise what the Roman public life was like.

    Looking for accommodation?

    If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, we suggest visiting our search engine, where you’ll find all types of hotels, hostels and apartments with the best rates guaranteed. You can get up to a 75% discount and?pay once you get to your destination.

    This travel guide will provide you with all the necessary information to make your stay in Rome a memorable experience.?

    top activities

    The most complete guide of Rome

    This guide has been written by travellers like yourself and it is designed to help you plan your stay in Rome, so that you get the most out of the city as possible, whether you are staying for 2 days or a month. Find out what the top attractions?and the best places to eat are, which?museums are worthwhile and where?to stay in Rome. If you’re traveling on a budget, we have also an article on how to save money while visiting this fascinating city, and the daily costs, so that you are prepared before getting to Italy.

    The information provided in this guide was updated in?December 2019. If you find a mistake or would like to make a suggestion, please do not hesitate to?contact us.

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    • transport
    • and much more
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